On 27 April 1995, the long-awaited Green Paper on Broadcasting, drafted by the Minister for Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht, Michael D. Higgins. and entitled Active or Passive? Broadcasting in the future tense was published. Its publication carne one week after the publication of the Interim Report of the Competition Authority on the newspaper industry In Ireland. and preceded the publication of an examination of the skills requirements of lhe independent film and television production sector In Ireland. entitled, Training Needs to 2000 (June 1995). It is remarkable that within a very short space of time, three very substantial studies of the media Industry were published by the govemment. A public discussion on the Green Paper was held in the Dublin Institute of Technology. Aungier Street. 18 May 1995, and sponsored by Irish Communication Review. It brought together a wide-ranging group of broadcasting practitioners and commentators to discuss and exchange ideas on the future of broadcasting In Ireland. Over one hundred people attended. This is the edited proceedings of that discussion. I have sought to preserve, as much as possible, the actual words spoken by our guests, though some trimmjng has been necessary because of length. Any unevenness is a result of the inevitable differences between the spoken and the written word.

Contributors were Joe Mulholland, Muiris MacConghail, Martha O'Neill, Jack Byrne, Andrew Hanlon & Wolfgang Truetzschler.

The editing of the discussion was done by Ellen Hazelkom. Lecturer In Politcs. Department of Communications. Dublin Institute of Technology.

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