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Book Reviews: Volume 4



J. Fiske Power plays, power works, reviewed by David E. Butler

M. Skovmand and K. Schroder {eds.) Media cultures: reappraising transnational media, reviewed by Richard Fitzsimons

B. Gunter and T. Viney Seeing is believing: religion and television in the 1990's, reviewed by Tony Fleck

A. Millwood Hargrave {ed.), Broadcasting Standards Council: Violence in factual television, reviewed by Muiris MacConghail

J. A. Walker Arts TV - A history of arts television in Britain, reviewed by Brian O'Neill

J. N. Didie Aid for cinematographic and audio-visual production in Europe, reviewed by John G. Phelan

N. Miller and R. Allen {eds.) It's live - but is it real? reviewed by Brian Trench

Glasgow University Media Group: Getting the message: news, truth and power, reviewed by Karl Erik Rosengren

Y. Tasker Spectacular bodies: gender, genre and the action cinema, reviewed by Carmel Roulston

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