Gerry Gregg


In 1988 the European Media programme was launched to encourage film and television production in Europe for European audiences. The same year the Irish Film Board was abolished. As 1992 approached, such was the perceived success of the Media Programme, the European Commission decided to extend and expand the media initiative until 1995. Meanwhile, in Ireland the Government had followed up the coup de grace on the Film Board with the cap on RTE advertising revenue. Ostensibly the cap was designed to encourage advertisers to place their bets on the new national independent radio channels airtime and on TV3. By January 1992, the planned private commercial and 1V channel TV3 was a non-runner and the private national radio channel Century had pulled up with considerable losses. 1\velve months later the cap· is still in place, RTE have scaled down dramatically its purchase of Independently produced programmes and Europe is the only friend most Irish producers have.

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