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Glasnost 1990


It is now five years since Mikhail Gorbachev introduced the policy of 'glasnost" to the Soviet media. During that period the changes In the content of the Soviet press have been enormous. Soviet journalists are now free to write on many of the subjects that were de facto taboo under Brezhnev and his predecessors. The gradual opening up and expansion of subject matter upon which the Journalist may write has in turn resulted ln a stylistic unfettering of the journalistic manner of exposition which is a change no less importan t than that of the formal lifting of barriers on previously taboo s ubjects. Whereas before glasnost' the source of much of what was written In the Soviet press was the language of the Communist party. since 1985, the language of the Soviet press has drawn from a far wider associative field. The combination of new content and language has transformed the face of Soviet journalism.

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