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Conference Paper


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Paper presented at Faultlines: Bridging Knowledge Spaces - Irish Design Research Conference, Institute of Technology Carlow, Carlow, Ireland 5th June 2015.


Creativity would seem to be the single most important competency of design practitioners. The literature would suggest that, in general, creativity is considered to be a positive thing generating positive outcomes of design practices and their clients. This paper investigates how creativity can be defined within the paradigm of design practice and practitioners and draws upon references in international literature to establish themes and concepts. Once identified, these themes are then investigated to identify potential problems or issues with creativity. Problems may include but are not limited to: practices undertaken by the individual designer; attitude responses from the individual designer; how creativity is perceived within the client community; perceptions about creativity within popular culture; and myths associated with creativity. This research is undertaken within the perceived underperformance and lack of growth of particular disciplines within the design services sector, in particular when compared with the design industry internationally. This paper may offer, in part, a suggested reason for this underperformance and lack of growth.