Financial globalization and multi-level governance

Andrew Baker, University of Sheffield
David Hudson, University of Birmingham
Richard Woodward, Technological University Dublin

'Introduction: Financial globalization and multi-level governance'


Baker, A., Hudson, D. & Woodward, R. (eds.) (2005) Governing Financial Globalization: International political economy and multi-level governance, London: Routledge.


Money, finance and credit are literally the lifeblood of the modern economy. The distribution of money and credit are essential to productive investment in trade and industry, to the maintenance of consumer purchasing power and demand, to individuals' social status and standard of living, and ultimately to public order.

This importnat new volume provides a wide-ranging discussion of both the potential and the problems arising from the application of multi-level governance literature to the monetary and financial domain. The contributors achieve this through a range of case studies and conceptual discussions of the issues raised by financial and monetary governance, acknowledging that multi-level governance has to take the form of a framework which recognizes a fluid range of scales, and the significance of non-formal institutional and social nodes of authority.