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Urban studies (Planning and development)

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Futures Academy, Technological University Dublin. 2006.


In an increasingly globalising and competitive world, cities are facing unparalleled challenges relating to such forces as economic restructuring and fiscal stress, national security, institutional relationships and the changing role of governance, environmental degradation, social and cultural transformation and rising exclusion. In May 2005, The Futures Academy, Technological University Dublin, in collaboration with the Urban Land Institute (ULI), embarked on a joint initiative to stimulate thinking and encourage informed discussions concerning the future trajectory and sustainable development of the competitive ‘global city’. As part of this study, The Academy undertook in-depth background research including a comprehensive questionnaire survey; an interactive and participatory futures brainstorming workshop; and roundtable discussions addressing emerging concepts, challenges and uncertainties surrounding the ‘global city’ debate. This paper sets out the findings of this investigation and provides a contextual background of the challenges, driving forces, issues and trends shaping the evolution of the global city in the next twenty- five years. The paper discusses how issues such as liveability, economic and demographic changes, the environment and civic leadership will influence cities and elucidates how cities might position themselves in order to move towards a sustainable urban future.