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Urban studies (Planning and development), Transport planning and social aspects of transport

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Futures Academy, Technological University Dublin. 2004


Contemporary cities can be characterised by a high pace of change and the growing complexity of their systems. Technological, economic and social evolution brings transformation that needs to be dealt with and accommodated in order to sustain consistent harmonious growth. Many cities are not prepared to adapt to these changes. This results in a vast range of urban problems. The rapid growth of Dublin during the last decade has intensified infrastructural and transportation problems. A number of institutions have been addressing these difficulties through the application of various solutions. This paper presents an attempt to address the lack of efficient integration between transportation and land use in Dublin through the application of the futures methodology – Prospective. Futures methodologies assist in understanding the main forces driving change; enable the creation of images of possible and desired futures; and help to generate recommendations and action plans to solve the existing problems in a rigorous, systematic and comprehensive manner. This paper presents the methodology itself, the applied process and the results of the study.