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Hi. I’m Imen. That’s me and my two farmers standing at the farmgate . I am pretty sure that I look ridiculously far too wholesome holding a gooseberry jam & cream sponge cake topped with pretty nasturtium flowers, but those are the breaks. It wasn’t your average-ordinary day on the farm, but the shot was taken for a press thingy and since the former photo had me festooned in dirty dungarees while feeding our two donkeys, I figured why not splash out for a change….

In a former life, I spent my days working in television, film and advertising production while living in Minneapolis, New York and Los Angeles. Then, I met a dashing Irish farmer and life as I knew it changed forever….

Farmette is a diary of my adventures in starting over from scratch, embarking on a second life where nearly everything that made up my former identity was replaced with a new set of circumstances complete with a pair of wellies and a whole lot of muck to trek through.

It is a blog about leaving behind a career, a city, a nation and a slew of family and friends when I fell in love with a man, a son, a farm, a country and its traditions….and perhaps most challenging: finding my way around a kitchen and becoming a home cook in a world where traditional trumps quick and convenient.