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I am a Spaniard with a passion for food.I've always loved cooking, a skill that I learnt from an early age helping my mum in the kitchen. Over the years my cooking skills have been perfected cooking for family and friends and also working in Food Events such as "Salon del Gourmet" in Madrid. When I moved to Ireland four years ago I thought it was going to be hard to find the ingredients to cook Spanish food. To my surprise not only most of them were available in supermarkets , but also I "fell in love" with Irish products such as Cashel blue cheese, beef, strawberries, milk...I have a long list. Of course it's possible to cook tasty Spanish food in Ireland. That´s what we do at home, especially at weekends when my husband gives me hand in the kitchen. You just need fresh ingredients (I always try to use Irish, which as I said before are excellent!!!),a few easy recipes and of course, what we call in Spanish "amor" (love)to your cooking. Que aproveche!!! (Enjoy your meal)