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Hello there, my name is Kate Packwood and I am an English woman living in Dublin for the last 14 years. I am passionate about food and I am especially passionate about food as a part of Irish culture.

In April 2012 I set up Wildflour Bakery, a Dublin based micro-bakery that makes cakes with a difference. I use the best raw ingredients I can source – exclusively organic eggs and flour, and seasonal Irish fruit from my friend Rosie’s organic farm.

I believe in food that is not only nourishing but delightful, and which is ethical. By this I mean that it hasn’t been obtained by exploiting anyone. I find the best way of ensuring this is by buying local and being aware of the provenance of what I eat and what I feed to the people I love.

In a former life I studied English literature, intending to become an academic. Artichoke & Typewriter is the marriage of my passion for food and my love of the written word.