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6th. International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis, 15-17 June, 2016.


This poster describes new developments in the popular Tunepal project. Tunepal is a query-by-playing music score search engine used primarily by musicians on smartphones in traditional music sessions and classes. Using Tunepal, a musician can quickly identify the name of a melody being played and download the score for later study. Since 2009, there has also been a version of Tunepal that runs in a web browser that allows a musician to play a tune extract and find the name of the tune. Over the summer of 2015, we embarked on a project to redevelop the Tunepal website in HTML5. Additionally we aimed to connect Tunepal searches which normally return music scores, to recordings of those scores, through the Eurpoeana Sounds project. Finally, we aimed to make the core Tunepal technology open source and provide API access to the Tunepal corpus and search engine so that others could build on our work.


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