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DIT Teaching Fellowship Reports 2015-2016


In higher education institutes feedback is collected via various formal (e.g. quality assurance processes) and informal (e.g. one-to-one discussion) methods. A core distinction between these approaches is the immediacy of informal feedback set against a slower, but potentially more powerful, formal feedback mechanism. This project aimed to explore a real-time mechanism to explore the student experience, using a simple data entry point connected to a webaccessible dashboard which summarises the data. A prototype was successfully developed and deployed, and collected feedback from students across the College of Sciences and Health. The system was broadly used by students, with more than 500 users engaging with the system in the three-month trial period. The overall rating of the student experience in DIT was 3.18, with 5 as the maximum. A limitation in data collection was the requirement to remind users to participate, likely due to the system not being embedded in programmes across the College. These results are discussed in the context of the potential for a broader roll-out with an enhanced student interface.