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DIT Teaching Fellowship Reports 2015-2016


This research assessed the current e-learning provision for Ibec postgraduate students at DIT. The current e-learning resources are delivered using Webcourses (Blackboard), which is the Institute’s Learning Management System (LMS).1 The first stage of the research involved an audit of the existing e-learning resources on Webcourses, discussions with colleagues and a review of the e-learning literature. This research indicated that there were five key elements required in the programme’s e-learning design, namely: user experience, assessment, module content, interactivity of content and the updating of module content. A number of amendments were made in order to provide standardisation and to enhance the user experience. During the programme committee review meetings with student representatives details of the e-learning design project work were shared to keep students informed of the developments. The second part of the research involved a student survey to ascertain students” views on the five key elements and to measure student satisfaction and feedback. The research validated the five key elements which should be used for effective e-learning design. Five recommendations are made to the institute: (1) provide further details to support the five key elements, (2) include support material to assist programme and teaching staff in developing and implementing these elements in day-to-day activities, (3) continue to improve e-learning design and (5) regularly collect feedback specifically on the e-learning/LMS provision for the Ibec Global Graduates programme.