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The project had three separate, linked objectives: (a) the development of a module in Research Methods which embraces an activity based approach to learning in a group environment;(b) to improve participation by all students and (c) to devise more rigorous and equitable assessment methods. This module was previously taught through a traditional lecture-based format. It was felt that student engagement was poor and learning was limited. It was believed that successful completion of the development of the module would equip students with a deeply learned battery of research skills to take into their further academic and professional careers. Student learning was achieved through completion of a series of tasks based on different research methods. In order to encourage student engagement, a wide variety of activities were used. Student engagement was measured through a survey based on National Survey of Student Engagement (2002). In terms of the three objectives set, two of these were met. The module was successfully developed and delivered and there was a significant level of student engagement in the module. The objective of devising equitable assessment methods was not satisfactorily addressed within the time available.