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Many marketing students at undergraduate level are exposed to experiential learning in Years 3 and 4 where, through more varied pedagogies such as case studies and industry projects, they have a taste of real work marketing practice. It is often a challenge to engage students at second year where the theory and concepts of marketing are required to be taught, often employing a traditional passive learning paradigm (lecture based). The need to foster engagement early in a student’s learning is ever greater with a generation of students that want to construct knowledge socially and leverage Web 2.0 tools in their learning, within and beyond the classroom. The imperative to collaborate with their peers and other groups in the marketing community requires the student to develop competencies in leveraging Web 2.0 tools to enhance their experience in group projects and improve the quality of the work. The TechKnow-Share project addressed these realities with a group of second year undergraduate students that participated in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. This project also involved linkages with the Technological University Dublin Hothouse Companies with whom the students worked. Students were required to use a wiki for collaborative writing and webinars for asynchronous communication between students, lecturer and companies.