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MATRIB '06: Conference on Materials, Processes, Friction and Wear. Vela Luka, 22-24 June, 2006.


Major developments in Nanotechnology have taken place across the world
over the last few years. From a humble beginning, Ireland inc. became a leader in the Microelectronics industry and now has to face the challenge of developing a strategic plan to maintain its lead position in the nano field which in most cases will supersede the micro phase. Most countries are taking a similar path of development all be it alone or in collaboration with other countries. This process is expensive and requires market drivers and experts to lead and deliver demands from the industries of the future. The approach may be driven from a top down or bottom up, i.e. from macro to
micro to nano or from sub nano to nano components and machines. What are the development areas and implications for nano Biotechnology, nanoelectronics and nanomaterials, how are the industries developing and how are we educating our undergraduates and postgraduates in this technology. This paper will discuss some of the key areas of development and the associated industries and research centres and how the knowledge may be transferred to our educational programmes. The paper provides a summary of the work developed in a number of key reports on Nanotechnology [1-3], combined with the authors views and opinions on developments in the nanotechnology field.