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Materials & Desigh, Vol. 26, 2005, p. 203-208.

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Micro blasting of cutting tips and tools is a very effective and reliable method of advancing the life of tools under the action of turning, milling, drilling, punching and cutting. This paper outlines the ways in which micro blasted tools, both coated and un coated have benefited from shot blasting and resulted in greater productivity, lower cutting forces, improved surface finish of the work pieces and less machine downtime. The process of micro blasting is discussed in the paper. Its effectiveness depends on many parameters including the shot media ad size, the mechanics of impact and the application of the shot via the micro shot blasting unit. Control of the process to provide repeatability and reliability in the shot blasting unit is discussed.

Comparisons between treated and untreated cutting tools are made and results of tool life for these cutting tips outlined. The process has shown to be of major benefit to tool life improvement as outlined in the paper.