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Environmental and geological engineering, Energy and fuels

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In Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2009, 13 (8), pp.1975-1984. Available from


The energy consumed in Ireland is primarily achieved by the combustion of fossil fuels. Ireland’s only indigenous fossil fuel is peat; all other fossil fuels are imported. As well as fossil fuels continually becoming more expensive, their use as an energy source also has a negative impact on the environment. Ireland’s energy consumption can be separated into 3 divisions; transportation, electricity generation and heat energy. Ireland however has a vast range of high quality renewable energy resources. Ireland has set a target of 33% of its electricity will be generated from renewable sources by 2020[1]. The use of biomass, wind and ocean energy technologies is expected to play a major part in meeting this target. The use of renewable energy technologies will assist sustainable development as well as being a solution to several energy related environmental problems. This paper presents the current state of renewable energy technologies and potential resources available in Ireland. Considering Ireland’s present energy state, a future energy mix is proposed.