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Energy and fuels

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Successfully submitted for the award of Master of Science (MSc) Energy Management to the Technological University Dublin, May, 2010.


The aim of this project is to analyse the Group Processing Approach (the “GPA”) to renewable generator grid connections, and in particular the Gate 3 process which is the latest round of the GPA that is currently being implemented in the Republic of Ireland, to determine if it is the most effective approach for connecting new renewable generation. Gate 3 is the third series of the GPA for connecting renewable generation to the Irish Electricity grid where applications are processed in groups or batches. The size of the Gate 3 has bee capped at 3,900MW with applicants being selected based on application date order and applicants will be granted firm access to the grid in order of the anticipated speed with which the required deep transmission reinforcement works can be completed.

The author firstly provides a high-level overview of the technical considerations for connecting vast amounts of dispersed wind energy to the national grid, the development of wind energy in Ireland and the developments of wind energy in other jurisdictions. Then the Gate 3 and GPA processes including the various options considered by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) are analysed along with submissions by various stakeholders such as wind farm developers, the Irish Wind Energy Association and consultants to determine if the GPA is the most effective approach.

The author then evaluates the findings against a set of defined criteria and discusses the results of the research while also making recommendations.