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Thesessuccessfully submitted for the partial fufillment of the award of Master of Advanced Engineeing to the Technological University Dublin, 2008.


Maintenance Excellence is the implementation of best maintenance practices within industry; it is the balance of performance, risk, and cost to achieve an optimal solution. This thesis has been structured around the 5 main areas of maintenance excellence; it has documented all the important functions of the maintenance department that contributes towards maintenance excellence. Demonstrating maintenance excellence is a big achievement however demonstrating it on pharmaceutical clean utility systems with strict regulatory controls is a major challenge. Pharmaceutical production is one of the most heavily regulated industries. With such an emphasis on product quality in the pharmaceutical industry, and with such economical and health consequences of machine failure, the maintenance team plays a critical role in the success of the product. It is the maintenance department‟s responsibility to ensure the equipment is kept to a maximum operating condition. It must predict and prevent failures and repair any problems, which may already have led to a failure, while adhering to the rules and procedures set out by their respective regulatory bodies This thesis has explored the regulatory aspects of the business in-dept and presented a number of practical approaches to building in a world-class maintenance program whilst still ensuring the utmost of safety and quality to the patient.