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Smart control tactics, wider stability region, rapid reaction time, and high-speed performance are essential requirements for any controller to provide a smooth, vibrationless, and efficient performance of an in-house fabricated active magnetic bearing (AMB) system. In this manuscript, three pre-eminent population-based metaheuristic optimization techniques: Genetic algorithm (GA), Particle swarm optimization (PSO), and Cuckoo search algorithm (CSA) are implemented one by one, to calculate optimized gain parameters of PID controller for the proposed closed-loop active magnetic bearing (AMB) system. Performance indices or, objective functions on which these optimization techniques are executed are integral absolute error (IAE), integral square error (ISE), integral time multiplied absolute error (ITAE), and integral time multiplied square error (ITSE). The significance of an optimization technique and objective function can obtain only by implementing it. As a result, several comparisons are made based on statistical performance, time domain, frequency response behavior, and algorithm execution time. Finally, the applicability of optimization strategies in addition to the performance indices is determined with the aid of the comparative analysis. That could assist in choosing a suitable optimization technique along with a performance index for a high-speed application of an active magnetic bearing system.



European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Enterprise Ireland under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie

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