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Electrical and electronic engineering

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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics


This paper introduces a sliding mode control (SMC) strategy for three-phase dynamic voltage restorers (DVRs) with a 12-switch voltage source inverter. The compensating voltage references needed in the SMC strategy are generated by an adaptive notch filter (ANF), which exhibits excellent performance under grid voltage anomalies such as voltage sags, swells, and unbalanced and distorted grid voltage conditions. The consequence of using the ANF eliminates the use of phase-lock loop or frequency-lock loop and low-pass filter, which makes it distinguishable from the existing reference signal generation solutions. In addition, the use of the SMC strategy with its attractive properties makes the control implementation simple. Theoretical results are supported by simulation results as well as realtime laboratory results over a range of grid voltage anomalies. These results show that the proposed control strategy not only offers an excellent dynamic response independent from the parameter variations and disturbances but also compensates the voltage sags, swells, and harmonics on the load terminals under the defined limits of the IEEE-519 standard.