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Electrical and electronic engineering

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Electric Power Systems Research


The ability of a consumer friendly demand response based voltage control (DR-VC) program to improve the voltage regulation in a low voltage distribution network (LVDN) with high penetration of DG is investigated. The use of active and reactive power management to regulate the nodal voltage in a distribution network with simple incremental reduction algorithm, in conjunction with DR, is proposed as a solution for over voltage and undervoltage issues in the LVDN. The algorithm micromanages the load and generation in the network enabling the operator to utilize grid resources economically and efficiently while maintaining fairness between consumers with minimum inconvenience. The algorithm is tested on a representative. 74-load radial urban distribution network (Dublin, Ireland) using consumer load and DG generation profiles. The system is modelled and analysed using COM interface between OpenDSS and MATLAB. The DR is modelled through a mixed integer linear programming (MILP), implemented in CVX, such that consumer inconvenience is prioritized. The DR-VC algorithm is capable of regulating load and generation within normal operation limits during undervoltage and overvoltage scenarios.



FEDER (Portugal)