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Available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 4.0 International Licence


Computer Sciences, Information Science, Communication engineering and systems, Hospital administration, Health policy and services

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Electronics 2021,10, 580.


Security and privacy of patients’ data is a major concern in the healthcare industry. In this paper, we propose a system that activates robust security and privacy of patients’ medical records as well as enables interoperability and data exchange between the different healthcare providers. The work proposes the shift from patient’s electronic health records being managed and controlled by the healthcare industry to a patient-centric application where patients are in control of their data. The aim of this research is to build an Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) system that is layered on the Ethereum blockchain platform and smart contract in order to eliminate the need for third-party systems. With this system, the healthcare provider can search for patient’s data and request the patients’ consent to access it. Patients manage their data which enables an expedited data exchange across EHR systems. Each patient’s data are stored on the peer-to-peer node ledger. The proposed patient-centric EHR platform is cross-platform compliant, as it can be accessed via personal computers and mobile devices and facilitates interoperability across healthcare providers as patients’ medical records are gathered from different healthcare providers and stored in a unified format. The proposed framework is tested on a private Ethereum network using Ganache. The results show the effectiveness of the system with respect to security, privacy, performance and interoperability.