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Electrical and electronic engineering

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Power Engineering Conference (UPEC): 48th. international Universities Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 2-5 September, 2013.



A new proposal for the placement and integration of UPQC in DG connected microgrid/micro generation (μG) system has been presented here. DG converters (with storage), the load and shunt part of the UPQC will be placed at or after the PCC. The series part of the UPQC will be placed before the PCC and in series with the grid. DC link can be connected to the storage system also. Hence, it is termed UPQCμG. The advantages of the proposed UPQCμG over the normal UPQC are to compensate voltage interruptions in addition to voltage sags / swells, harmonic and reactive power compensation in the interconnected mode. The DG Converter with storage will supply the active power only and the shunt part of the UPQC will compensate the reactive and harmonic power of the load in the islanding mode. Therefore, the system can work both in interconnected and islanded mode. DG Converter does not require to be disconnected during the voltage disturbance. In all conditions, DG Converter will only provide the active power to the load and grid. Thus it will reduce the control complexity of the DG converter as well as improve the PQ of the network.