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Applied mathematics

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EG UK, The 27th Conference in Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics, pages: 233 - 240, Cardiff, 2009


We consider the background to describing strong scattering in terms of diffusive processes based on the diffusion equation. Intermediate strength scattering is then considered in terms of a fractional diffusion equation which is studied using results from fractional calculus. This approach is justified in terms of the generalization of a random walk model with no statistical bias in the phase to a random walk that has a phase bias and is thus, only ‘partially’ or ‘fractionally’ diffusive. A Green’s function solution to the fractional diffusion equation is studied and a result derived that provides a model for an incoherent image generated by light scattering from a tenuous random medium. Applications include image enhancement of star fields and other cosmological bodies imaged through interstellar dust clouds. An example of this application is given.