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Electrical and electronic engineering

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M. Hanif, M. Basu and K. Gaughan “Novel AC side P&O Maximum Power transfer control for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems”, ICREPQ 2010.


Grid connected Photovoltaic inverters can convert PV energy into electricity with very high efficiencies. Power from the PV panels fluctuates depending on various weather conditions. PV inverters usually include a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) to track this varying power, in order to transfer all the available power to the grid efficiently. Control of power transferred to the grid along with the MPPT plays a crucial role in determining the efficiency of a PV system. This paper discusses about the basic power transfer theory between sources (PV and Grid) and focuses on the need of a DC-DC boost circuit, along with a DC-AC inverter to transfer maximum power from the PV to the grid. A commonly used approach for transferring the maximum power from the PV to the grid at all times will be briefed and a new approach proposed. Now reference current calculation can work using a Master- Slave principle where the DC-DC converter and the inverter could act as the master or slave and vice versa, after the new proposed approach is introduced. The new approach would not require any DC side measurements for MPP tracking making it a sensor less approach. Comparative conclusion between ease of implementation and effectiveness of the above two approaches are given.


Dublin Institute of Technology