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In IECON 02: 28th Annual Conference of the Industrial Electronics Society, IEEE, 5-8 November, 2002, Vol. 2., pp.1392-1397 Available from


In the present paper, a utility friendly regenerative magnet load power supply has been proposed which can tolerate supply voltage dips and long duration sags or undervoltages and maintains unity input power factor under all operating conditions. The harmonics injected into the utility are much less and the total harmonic distortion (THD) complies with IEEE standards. Unity power factor at the input is maintained by using a synchronous link converter (SLC) as the front-end AC to DC converter with regenerative capability. The two-quadrant chopper in the second stage operates in a constant frequency current control mode and takes care of the load current ripple. The performance evaluation of the magnet load power supply has been made using SABER simulator. A laboratory prototype has been fabricated and tested successfully. The real time control algorithm has been implemented using a PC with PCL-207 data acquisition card.