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International Technology, Education and Development Conference, (INTED) 2008


Context aware environments respond in a pseudo-intelligent manner depending on the identity of occupants, particular location, desired activity and specific time. The Context Aware Smart Classroom (CASC) is a classroom that responds to lecturers and student groups based on preset policies and the lecture timetable. The pervasive nature of personal mobile devices permits the investigation of developing low-cost location and identification systems that support development of a smart classroom. Material used during the teaching activity is distributed to students based on students’ policies using WLAN, LAN or email. The smart classroom CASC uses a central scheduling system to determine the teaching activity. In this paper we present CASCs’ system design and results from the trial deployment. In particular we review the issues related to using low-cost solutions such as existing communications infrastructure for developing large scale environments. Finally we present the plans for ongoing development of the Context Aware Smart Classroom.

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