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Computer Sciences

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5th International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing 2008, UIC ’08, Oslo University College, Norway


This paper presents a review of RFID based approaches used for the development of smart spaces and smart objects. We explore approaches that enable RFID technology to make the transition from the recognized applications such as retail to ubiquitous computing, in which computers and technology fade into the background of day to day life. In this paper we present the case for the use of RFID technology as a key technology of ubiquitous computing due to its ability to embed itself in everday objects and spaces. Frameworks to support the operation of RFID-based smart objects and spaces are discussed and key design concepts identified. Conceptual frameworks, based on academic research, and deployed frameworks based on real world implementations are reviewed and the potential for RFID as a truly ubiquitous technology is considered and presented.