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Journal of Optics A:Pure and Applied Optics, Vol.11, 2009


Analysis and performance evaluation of a macro-bend ¯ber based interrogation system for a Bragg grating sensor array is presented. Due to the characteristic properties of the macro-bend ¯ber ¯lter such as polarization and temperature dependence and the total noise associated with the ratiometric system, a best ¯t ratio slope is required to interrogate multiple FBGs whose peak wavelengths are spread over a wide wavelength range, rather than the optimal slope for individual FBG. In this paper for investigation we have used an FBG array with 5 FBGs with peak re°ected wavelengths lying between 1525 nm and 1575 nm. The analysis of the system is carried out and a ¯ber ¯lter with a slope which covers a wavelength range of 1525-1575 nm is selected which ensures a resolution and accuracy for all the FBG sensors in the array as close as possible to that which would be achieved with a ¯lter with an optimal slope for each FBG. Performance evaluation of the system is carried out and static strain, dynamic strain and temperature is measured with the developed interrogation system.