The Temperature Dependence of Polarization Dependent Loss for a Macrobending Singlemode Fiber Based Edge Filter

Pengfei Wang, Dublin Institute of Technology
Yuliya Semenova
Ginu Rajan
Thomas Freir
Gerald Farrell

Document Type Article

IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol. 21, No. 8, pp. 516-518, 2009.


The temperature dependence of polarization dependent loss (PDL) for a macrobending standard singlemode fiber (SMF28) is investigated both theoretically and experimentally. The experimental results show an overall agreement with the proposed theoretical model over a temperature range from 0 to 70oC. An SMF28 based edge filter is used as an example regarding temperature dependent PDL performance. It is shown that the temperature variations have a significant influence on the polarization dependence of macrobending loss, and further impact on such a fiber bend loss edge filter used in a wavelength measurement application. It is also concluded that by using proposed models, such a temperature dependent birefringence can be beneficially predicted in bending fiber sensing applications.