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In Electronics Letters, 28 September, 2006, Vol.42, pp.1129-1130. Publication Date: 28 September 2006 ISSN: 0013-5194


A novel design of a quarter-wave shorted trapezoidal metal plate solar antenna using high efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar cells is presented. Using the DC conductive parts of the cell as RF antenna elements as well as choosing the radiating element to be a small base trapezoid, better coupling between the the feed and shorting plates is ensured and 40.3% size reduction compared to a conventional shorted quarter-wave patch is obtained. The trapezoidal radiating element covers merely 2.7% of the total available illumination area of the solar cell, leaving its efficiency essentially unaffected. The proposed design strategy has been verified by an instantiation operating at 1.957 GHz and has a wide impedance bandwidth of 15.2% with a gain of 4.5dBi.