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Published in: Journal of Lightwave Technology ( Volume: 36 , Issue: 20 , Oct.15, 15 2018 )


Abstract—A novel optical fibre sensor based on a balloon-shaped bent single-mode (BSBS) fibre structure incorporating a long-period grating (LPG) for simultaneous measurement of displacement and temperature is described and experimentally demonstrated. The sensor is fabricated by splicing a BSBS fibre structure formed Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) with an LPG. Due to the interference dip which is formed by the BSBS fibre structure is sensitive to external displacement and temperature variation, while that formed by LPG only depends on temperature, displacement and temperature therefore can be unambiguously and simultaneously measured by this sensor. Experimental results show that this sensor offers a high displacement sensitivity of -306 pm/μm over the displacement range of 0—80 μm and a temperature sensitivity of 42.9 pm/oC over the temperature range of 20—45 oC. Based on its high measurement sensitivities, low cost and good repeatability, the sensor of this investigation could be a realistic candidate for applications where displacement and temperature need to be measured simultaneously.