Silicon Photonic Crystal Filter with Ultrawide Passband Characteristics

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Electrical and electronic engineering

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Optics letters Vol.36, issue 10, 2011 pp. 1854-6


We report on what is believed to be the first example of an ultrawide, bandpass filter, based on a high-contrast multicomponent one-dimensional Si photonic crystal (PC). The effect of the disappearance of a limited number of flat stopbands and their replacement with extended passbands is demonstrated over a wide IR range. The passbands obtained exhibit a high transmission of 92% to 96% and a substantial bandwidth of 1800 nm, which is spectrally flat within the passband. The multicomponent PC model suggested can be applied to the design of any micro- or nanostructured semiconductor or dielectric material for application across a wide spectral range.




This work has been supported by the International Centre for Graduation Education in Micro & Nano Engineering (ICGEE) Programme, funded by the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology (IRCSET), Ireland; the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), project 09-02-00782, and a grant for Support of Leading Scientific Schools (NSh-3306- 2010.2), funded by the Russian government.

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