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1.1 The Questions

Question 1: What is the student experience as they participate in knowledge during the Design Project, particularly in relation to development of Graduate Attributes?

The intent behind this question is to examine the module and its effectiveness from the perspective of those taking the module, the students. It is postulated that the transformative experience will result in development of relevant graduate attributes.

Question 2: To what extent dodelivery and assessment within this module contribute to the development of Graduate Attributes?

The intent behind this again is to more closely examine how the module's current design, content, delivery and assessment contribute to development of Graduate Attributes. The intended research approach to be applied here is evaluation. This part of the study is also intended to identify areas which might require revision in order to optimise development of Graduate Attributes. This revised version of the module would then be re-evaluated in a second run in the academic year 2019/2020.