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Energy and fuels


This dataset contains 5-minute power (AC and DC) power output date from a 1.72kWp PV system located in Dublin in 2009-10 together with input weather variables and system parameters. Details below.

Geographical site: FOCAS Institute building roof top, Dublin Institute of Technology, Kevin Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Situation: Latitude 53.4degN Longitude -6degE

Time zone GMT

Installation date: 4th April 2008

PV array orientation: Tilt 53deg Azimuth 0deg

Near shadings: No shadings

Building height: Approximately 12 m

PV array capacity: 1.72 kWp

Collection period: 4th April 2009 – 3rd April 2010

The data acquisition system consisted of a Sunny Boy 1700 inverter, Sunny SensorBox and Sunny WebBox. The Sunny SensorBox was used to measure in-plane global solar radiation on the PV modules. Additional sensors for measuring ambient temperature, wind speed and temperature at the back of the PV module were connected to the SensorBox.

A solar radiation sensor with accuracy of ±8% and resolution of 1 W/m2 installed on the PV module plane was used to measure incident solar radiation. The temperature of the PV modules was measured using a PT 100-M type sensor with accuracy of ±0.5 oC. Ambient air temperature was measured using a JUMO PT 100 U type sensor with accuracy of ±0.5 oC. A Thies small wind transmitter anemometer with accuracy of ±5% was used to measure wind speed. The SensorBox and the inverter were connected to the Sunny WebBox via a serial RS485 link and a Power Injector. Data recorded at 5-minute intervals in the WebBox was extracted via a secure digital card and read directlyinto a computer. Fig. 2 shows the Sunny WebBox, power injector and an analog electricity meter.



Irish Department of Education