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1.1 MATHMATICS, *pedagogy

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FIE 2014, 44th Annual Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference, October 2014


Engineering education is facing many challenges: a decline in core mathematical skills; lowering entry requirements; and the diversity of the student cohort. One approach to confronting these challenges is to make subject content appropriate to the communication styles of today’s student. To achieve this, a pedagogical shift from the traditional hierarchical approach to learning to one that embraces the use of technology as a tool to enhance the student learning experience is required. By including the student as co-creator of course content, a greater sense of engagement is achieved and a change to one where students become agents of their own learning is realized. This active learning constructivist approach shifts the focus from content delivery by the lecturer to active engagement with content by the student and in doing so provides an environment of achievement and ownership which empowers the student and increases self-efficacy. The online platform comprises a set of multiple choice questions focused on core mathematical concepts. The quizzes are constructed to adapt to student responses with custom video feedback created by their peers. This paper outlines the methodology followed and provides results of its evaluation in terms of student’s perceptions.