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2.1 CIVIL ENGINEERING, Civil engineering, Geotechnics

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This paper was part of the Bridge & Infrastructure Research in Ireland 2010 and Concrete Research in Ireland 2010, held on September 2010 by University College Cork and Cork Institute of Technology


This paper presents the preliminary findings of a TCD/NRA vacuum preloading field trial that is part of a research project into the construction options for improving rampart roads. Vacuum preloading is a construction method used to accelerate settlement and the increase shear strength by applying a vacuum pressure to the ground by means of prefabricated vertical drains, an impervious tight sheet and a vacuum pump. Consolidating the ground by applying a vacuum load has several advantages over other techniques, for example; no fill material is required; construction periods are generally shorter; and there is no need for chemical admixtures. This paper presents a review of the literature and describes the setup and initial stage of the TCD/NRA vacuum preloading field trial, that is currently being carried out at Ballydermot bog.


National Roads Authority, Ireland