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Analytical chemistry, 2. ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Energy and fuels, Biofuels

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Journal of supercritical fluids


The aim of this work was to evaluate the potential of supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) to extract Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) from the microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata (N. oculata) at low temperatures (37 and 55 oC) and pressures (5.9 and 7.6 megapascals (MPa)). A qualitative gas chromatography (GC) analysis showed that the individual FAMEs extracted varied depending on the co-solvent (methanol or hexane) used with supercritical CO2. Using hexane, FAME compounds produced were similar to those extracted with soxhlet extraction alone while longer chain FAME were produced when methanol was the co-solvent. The effects of pressure and temperature variations were shown to be of statistical significance. The chromatograms produced in this work demonstrate that altering one of these parameters (co-solvent, temperature, pressure) can produce different compounds owing to the tunability of the technique.