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Murphy, M., Dyrenfurth, M. (2012). Examining the role of the university in creating jobs.ASEE Annual Conference, 2012, San Antonio Texas, June 10-13, pp.25.600.1 - 25.600.21.


This paper begins by setting out the rationale for why today’s university must be involved with job creation in terms of institutional mission and global competitiveness. We present a review of recent literature, from both sides of the Atlantic, regarding universities, technology and science parks and job creation. Measuring the impact of university actions is reviewed in terms of general criteria, impact of incubators, and where jobs are being created. A case study of Silicon Valley is reviewed as well as a discussion of roles that government might play. The paper concludes with the presentation of findings from the literature review and the lessons learned from them. Finally the authors advance a set of recommendations for universities as they address this increasingly important imperative. This paper should be of interest to university administrators seeking to refine or broaden third mission activities.