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Theses, Ph.D


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Successfully submitted for the award of Doctor of Philosophy, 2018


The major changes in distribution networks (medium and low voltage networks) over recent decades led to new challenges and issues in the operational management of these networks. Amongst others, issues such as load flow problems (power flow reversal, overloading of network equipment, network congestions), voltage problems (voltage limit violations, voltage increases and decreases, harmonics), power schedule management problems, network state estimation and problems with the operation of protection equipment could be encounterd. Besides, the control center staff which is confronted with new complex tasks, challenges and responsibilities, must be prepared and trained for the operational management of the future distribution grid, so-called “Smart Grid”. In this thesis, the presentation of the possible structure and operation of Smart Grids, the development of some very important tools for the operational management of Smart Grids, and, the development of a dynamic power training system to prepare and train control center staff for the operational management of Smart Grids are target and performed. The methodology of “quadriculation” is used in this thesis. It encompasses survey, simulation, action research and case study