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The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Conference 2018, 2-5 October, Pittsburgh, USA.


Ireland, as a nation, has signed up to the SDGs. The main drivers in reaching these targets will be through a set of interventions that are encompassing
- legislation
- compliance to higher regulations
- incentives
- dissemination of effective best practice
When all put together it is a large and complex tapestry of actions.

The presentation takes Energy as an example. It outlines how the targets have been set nationally to achieve Ireland's internationally agreed targets. The resulting approach is highlighted, filtering down to what specific steps are taking place in the public sector. The resulting actions that are being implemented in the Irish University sector are presented, with specific examples being provided from the actions taking place in the Technological University Dublin (DIT).

In short, Ireland has set a target for private organisations to achieve at 25% energy use reduction by 2020 over baseline measurements made by 2008. Public Sector bodies are to achieve a 33% reduction. Over the past 9 years DIT has had to make decisions that deliver on this target. The decision making has been assisted by a blanket of initiatives provided by central government encouraging sharing information, setting procurement requirements, upskilling key staff, establishing proven and robust frameworks, and platforms for informing and educating 23,000 staff and students.

The initiatives and interventions are presented alongside the framework