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Journal of Food Engineering, 32


An integrated mathematical modelling approach was followed to model the heat and mass transfer processes taking place in modified atmosphere packaged mushrooms and its effect on the quality throughout distribution supply chain was simulated. The model equations were solved to obtain the concentration of gases (O2, CO2) and H2O in the headspace of the package. The change in the quality (colour and weight loss) during the distribution supply chain were monitored. The simulation results are in agreement with the experimental data. The model can study the effect of biological parameters and cold chain parameters on the quality of mushroom. Weight loss is influenced by the cold chain parameters whereas product lightness (L) value is influenced by the product uncertainty parameters. Sensitivity analysis was performed to quantify the effect of individual parameters on the quality of mushroom. Using this integrated model the changes in the quality of MAP mushroom during the supply chain can be predicted and the losses can be assessed at each step.

DOI j.jfoodeng.2018.03.019