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The beauty of a family business is that it always keeps an eye on the continuity of the business. For a family business nothing is more important than long-term continuity and harmony. A good balance between family and business interests is essential24. In any case, the focus is on the long term25. How can Florensis ensure that the fifth and sixth generations and the numerous employees can still enjoy the benefits of this beautiful company. The Calvinist and Christian roots of Florensis ensured from the outset that the human factor was central and key. Without this people orientation quality production would not have been possible and without production no product and no customers could enjoy that beautiful living and green product. The call for a greener company when it comes to production ánd products becomes louder and louder. And is heard. Although the fourth generation is currently active at Florensis and the fact that there is no doubt about Florensis’ ambition to act responsibly in everything they do major challenges ahead are piling up according to Van der Bijl. They might even prevent Florensis realizing its great mission to become greener in the future.