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Conference Paper


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13th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA2002); IEEE CS Press; Aix en Provence, France, September 2002.


This paper proposes a novel solution to querying hyperlinked multimedia cultural heritage datasets based on the user's context. Context in this sense is defined as the user's location in virtual space and the particular mobile device being modeled together with user preferences or profile. The purpose is to automatically push relevant data from the database server to the client based on this comprehensive definition of the user's context. Consideration in regard to which mobile device is currently being modeled is a primary filter for determining what data will be sent and in what format. For example, image data will not be sent to a mobile phone and video will not be sent to a PDA. The CHI (Cultural Heritage Interfaces) project differs from many of the models encountered on the Web in that its primary focus is not the accurate 3D rendering of a street/landscape, but the simulation of such a physical reality to explore the adaptive hypermedia paradigm in the context of a spatial navigation interface.


Enterprise Ireland through the Informatics Programme 2001 on Digital Media