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JEL VI - Days of Language Studies - is an initiative of the Area of Language Studies Program Graduate in Literature from the University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). Conference proceedings. 2-4 December 2010.


Native speech is directed towards native listeners, not designed for comprehension and analysis by language learners. Speed of delivery - or economy of effort - produce a speech signal to which the native listener can assign the correct words — there are no discrete words in the speech signal itself. Experience of using timescaling with recorded English has highlighted the benefit of making slowED speech available to the language learner or researcher, as opposed to slow speech – i.e delivered slowly. The main contribution to knowledge of this project is to generate a unique research and analysis corpus (audio resource) of informal NS-NS Spanish speech recorded at a high level of audio quality and which is amenable to linguistic analysis, and which can therefore act as a resource to test the research hypotheses.The work carried out to date has focused on the analysis of the acoustic parameters related to segmental features of the speech units.