Irish Journalist’s Attitudes Towards, and Use of, Internet Technology

Edward Brennan, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

Seventh Conference of the European Sociological Association: Exploring Inequalities. Torun. Poland. References updated 2009.


This paper explores the effects of Internet technology on the occupational culture and work practices of Irish journalists. There is a common view that the Internet, as an alternative source for news is challenging professional journalists. Increasingly amateurs may produce and disseminate stories to a potentially global readership. This paper presents results from a qualitative pilot study exploring Irish journalist’s reactions to this perceived threat. It reveals that the economic, social and legal features of the Irish journalistic field greatly mitigate any potential threat from the Internet. The research did reveal, however, that the Internet may have some unforeseen and unintended consequences for journalists. These will be discussed briefly in some preliminary hypotheses offered in the conclusion.