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The 11th Meeting of the International Conference on Auditory Display, ICAD 05


The TrioSon software allows users to map musical patterns to input data variables via a graphical user interface (GUI). The application is a Java routine designed to take input files of standard Comma Separated Values (CSV) format and output Standard Midi Files (SMF) using the internal Java Sound API. TrioSon renders output Sonifications from input data files for up to 3 user-defined parameters, allocated as bass, chord and melody instruments for the purposes of arrangement. In this manner each parameter concerned is distinguished by its individual instrumental timbre, with the option of rendering any combination of 1 to 3 parameters as required. The software parses indexed input data relating to individual variables for each user-defined parameter, and provides the means to allocate musical patterns to each variable for Sonification using drag and drop functionality. Control over the Rhythmic Parsing of the Sonification is provided, alongside individual control of the volume, panning, muting and timbre of each instrument in the trio. Sonifications can be rendered as full output files of the entire data, or can also be auditioned by index as required. This feature is designed to allow the user complete control over the data they are sonifying- either on an individual or collective basis. Context for each output Sonification is provided by Midi events defined by the index of the input data, which are mapped to percussive timbres in the final SMF (via track 10). Java development provides the added advantage of portability, with the final application being small enough (200kb) to attach in an email document. It is hoped that the compact and intuitive nature of the application will make it a straightforward means of investigating the Sonification of data sets.